I bring 20 years of creative experience

to a range of strategic challenges.

Simplifying complex ideas

Creating actionable strategy

I write for . . .

And have worked with . . .


Distilling complex ideas.

Creating compelling narratives.

Deploying memorable visuals.


Problems contain their solution.

The less ink, the better.

Simplicity is king.*

* And elegance queen.

Case study examples

Creating thought-leadership platforms for Fortune 500 / 100

 CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, CTOs, & CPOs

Scripting emergency crisis communications for a major brand

Revivifying the narrative and positioning of an established
brand challenged by disruptive startups

Devising a novel, market-leading look and feel for a new pharma App

Helping a fin-tech startup find a credible niche in a crowded marketplace

Enabling senior management to tell “their story” with clarity and conviction

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